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Park Retrofit Projects

At MikesPlayground, we are excited to share our ongoing efforts to create more inclusive and accessible play spaces for special needs children and young adults. Our current park retrofit projects are designed to enhance existing parks with features such as adaptive play equipment, sensory-friendly zones, and improved accessibility. These projects aim to provide safe, welcoming environments where every child can play, learn, and grow together. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming retrofits and see how we’re transforming local parks to be inclusive for all.

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San Juan Park Project
MikesPlayground is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving special needs children and their families by establishing inclusive playgrounds, accessible ADA equipment, and fostering belonging for all children. It’s MikesPlayground, where everyone plays.
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Raised Funds 85%
Financial help for poor, needy families

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Let's change the world, Join us now!

At MikesPlayground, we believe that together, we can create a brighter future for special needs children and young adults. Your time, energy, and enthusiasm can make a world of difference. By volunteering with us, you’ll be part of a compassionate community dedicated to inclusivity, support, and joy. Whether you can spare a few hours or commit to a regular role, your contribution will help empower and inspire those we serve. Join us now and be a catalyst for positive change. Visit our website to fill out the volunteer interest form and start making a meaningful impact today!
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