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Becoming a Volunteer with MikesPlayground

Volunteering with MikesPlayground means becoming part of a compassionate community dedicated to empowering physically special needs children and young adults through comprehensive support, inclusive programs, and boundless opportunities for joy and growth. As a volunteer, you will play an essential role in our initiatives, from assisting with events and activities to providing administrative support and sharing your unique skills and talents. Your involvement will help create a nurturing environment where every child can thrive and feel included.

Benefits of Volunteering:

Make an Impact

Contribute to a cause that promotes inclusivity and support for special needs individuals.

Personal Growth

Gain new skills, experiences, and a sense of fulfillment from helping others.

Community Engagement

Connect with like-minded individuals and become part of a supportive and caring community.


Receive appreciation and acknowledgment for your valuable contributions to our mission.

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How to Become a Volunteer:

Express Interest

Visit our website and fill out the volunteer interest form to express your interest in volunteering with MikesPlayground.

Attend Orientation

Participate in our volunteer orientation session to learn more about our mission, programs, and how you can get involved.

Choose Your Role

Select from various volunteer roles that match your interests, skills, and availability.

Get Started

Begin your volunteering journey with us and start making a positive impact in the lives of special needs children and young adults.

Volunteer Roles:

Event Assistance

Help plan and execute events and activities for children and families.

Administrative Support

Provide essential administrative support in our office.


Offer guidance and support to children and young adults in our programs.

Specialized Skills

Share your expertise in areas like marketing, fundraising, or program development.

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Training and Orientation:

At MikesPlayground, we believe that well-prepared and confident volunteers are essential to achieving our mission. Our comprehensive training and orientation program ensures that every volunteer feels supported, informed, and ready to make a positive impact.

By providing comprehensive training, ongoing support, and community-building opportunities, we ensure that our volunteers are equipped, confident, and inspired to make a meaningful difference at MikesPlayground. Join us and become a vital part of our mission to empower special needs children and young adults.

Volunteer Commitment:

At MikesPlayground, we understand that everyone’s availability and capacity to volunteer vary. That’s why we offer a range of flexible opportunities designed to fit different schedules and levels of commitment. Whether you have a few hours to spare or can commit to a regular role, we welcome your participation and enthusiasm.

We provide a variety of volunteer opportunities that can accommodate different time commitments. You can choose from short-term, long-term, or event-specific roles based on your availability and interests.

what is dravet syndrome
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